11 Nov 2014

It's been a little while.

Hi everyone, I know it's been a little while but we are back. Due to some unavoidable commitments we haven't been able to perform any investigations recently however, now the dust has metaphorically settled we are metaphorically back in the saddle.

Wow, there are a lot of metaphoricals there!

So anyway, back to investigating. I'm planning on Gallows Bank as our first 'welcome back' investigation. I had planned on it being the next one anyway, but like I said before, life got a little screwy.

I'm planning on doing a recon tomorrow morning, and then if all is okay, perform an initial investigation tomorrow afternoon. I don't think the local residents want two bumbling people wondering around with noisy SB7's and Echovoxes at silly o'clock in the morning!

Keep an eye out for the write up and the video!

20 Nov 2013

A Different Part of Town

Weeping Cross Lane... an odd title for a road don't you think? Well, as you may have guessed, it does have roots in history...
"The name of the "Weeping Cross," yet retained by this land mark, serves to preserve the traditionary record of a Cross, and indicates the probability that not far distant from it, there may in ancient times have been a monkish cell or anchoritage. 

It is generally believed that the Ackwynfan, or stone of lamentation, was peculiar to the ancient Britons, and erected by them sometime previous to the mission of St. Augustine. Erections of this denomination consisted of one solid stone upwards of twelve feet high, with a rounded head, on which was the figure of a cross ornamented with singular sculptures.

Beside these sacred pillars the weeping penitent was conducted to confess his sins to the officiating priest."
~ The history and antiquities of ... Ludlow By Thomas Wright (of Ludlow.)

16 Nov 2013

Spirits talk through Echovox again!

I finished work at 12, went home for a cuppa and then went out back to the site of the old Cattle Market for another EVP session.

I recently purchased the P-SB7 and I've been wanting to try it out in the field for a couple of days, but with working and all that, it was pretty impossible.

I took it down to Tesco last night but unfortunately, I didn't get anything worthy of note. I did however conduct an echovox session with some impressive results!

As ever, let me know your thoughts.

14 Nov 2013

EVP Echovox: Old Livestock Market, Ludlow.

The second time we went out to the site of the old cattle market, we come back with more interesting EVP's. This time they aren't as vicious as the last time, they do seem to be getting stronger and more interestingly they seem to want to communicate more...

This is not 'everything' we got from the session, but this is the best/most audible EVP's that came through from the session. I suppose you would call these Class-A's. I have a lot of Class-B + Class-C responses, but as we were in a busy carpark and public area, then I couldn't rule out outside contamination.

As always, very interested in your thoughts and feel free to share!

*Just to say, this is a new style of videos that I will be uploading, the vocal narration rather than text seems easier to understand. Please leave your thoughts on the subject!

13 Nov 2013

Spirit Box Sb7 Session 1

I ordered a Spirit box (P SB7) from the USA, unfortunately they don't have them already made over here in England. I've never actually used one before, however I have seen them being used and have always wanted to have a go myself. Therefore I got one!

I had left the box running for about half an hour before I shot the video, this was to give any spirits in the area time to come over, take a look and learn how to use it to speak through.

In my personal opinion, if spirits are deceased people, then it only stands to reason that they would need some time to have a look and a play around with new equipment to see how it works. I know I have to take some time to see how it works, so why should they need some time also?

Anyway, I started the recording and tried listening for voices, I asked a couple of questions during the session and here are my results.