5 Nov 2013

Pissed off Spirit. Echovox EVP

Ok, as I don't have a lot of time to conduct research into the paranormal, I have to get an investigation in, and where I can.
I went out for the weekly food shop last night to Tesco's which just so happens to be built right on top of an old cattle market that had been around since the town of Ludlow was founded.

I thought,"What better place to do a short session", plus I still had half an hour on the carpark ticket.

As I was asking questions, there were people and cars passing by so the audio wasn't perfectly clean. I only had two class-A EVPs from this and both are a little disturbing.

Be aware that the second EVP calls me a pretty bad name, so if foul language offends you then don't watch.

I honestly didn't expect anything to happen, although this might be a good location to think about in the future. I will most likely go after the store closes for the day and hopefully will be able to capture some more. 

I don't know when this will happen, possibly later on this week, but for now, I'm putting it to the top of the list.


My Thoughts

Perhaps the spirits that are still there are not happy with the shop having been built?
The energy created by so many people (most stressed out from shopping) has caused residual activity? or given intelligent spirits enough energy to communicate.

It seems to me, that the older the spirit, the more energy it needs to communicate... perhaps even spirits get old and lose energy?

Let me know your thoughts...

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