14 Nov 2013

EVP Echovox: Old Livestock Market, Ludlow.

The second time we went out to the site of the old cattle market, we come back with more interesting EVP's. This time they aren't as vicious as the last time, they do seem to be getting stronger and more interestingly they seem to want to communicate more...

This is not 'everything' we got from the session, but this is the best/most audible EVP's that came through from the session. I suppose you would call these Class-A's. I have a lot of Class-B + Class-C responses, but as we were in a busy carpark and public area, then I couldn't rule out outside contamination.

As always, very interested in your thoughts and feel free to share!

*Just to say, this is a new style of videos that I will be uploading, the vocal narration rather than text seems easier to understand. Please leave your thoughts on the subject!

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