9 Nov 2013

Ludlow Castle Echovox EVP Session #1

Ludlow Castle has always had a history of being haunted, and while there have been a few paranormal investigations done in the Castle grounds, I do not believe that there has been any investigations performed outside Ludlow castle on the embankments.

We went out at 6:30pm the other night to do a Echovox session around the outside of the Castle (by the way, it's a lovely walk during the day).

We had some surprising results. There seemed to be many, many spirits with intelligence trying to talk to us, sometimes all at once. Perhaps they were a little excited to be able to finally have a chance to talk?

We gathered some amazing EVP responses to our questions and while we did feel as if we were being watched, we didn't actually see anything. Perhaps we need to invest in a night vision camcorder?

Ludlow Castle, South ShropshireThe whole session took 17 minutes but we have only put class-A EVP's into the video, as there was simply too many voices coming through all at once.

Session Title: Ludlow Castle #1
Location: Ludlow Castle, SY8.
Time/Date: 18:30 - 18:48 ~ 06/11/13
Investigators: Michelle Jones, Adam Silman
Equipment: S3, Echovox, Small LED torch.

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