20 Nov 2013

A Different Part of Town

Weeping Cross Lane... an odd title for a road don't you think? Well, as you may have guessed, it does have roots in history...
"The name of the "Weeping Cross," yet retained by this land mark, serves to preserve the traditionary record of a Cross, and indicates the probability that not far distant from it, there may in ancient times have been a monkish cell or anchoritage. 

It is generally believed that the Ackwynfan, or stone of lamentation, was peculiar to the ancient Britons, and erected by them sometime previous to the mission of St. Augustine. Erections of this denomination consisted of one solid stone upwards of twelve feet high, with a rounded head, on which was the figure of a cross ornamented with singular sculptures.

Beside these sacred pillars the weeping penitent was conducted to confess his sins to the officiating priest."
~ The history and antiquities of ... Ludlow By Thomas Wright (of Ludlow.)

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