3 Nov 2013

Possible haunted locations...

*** Weeping cross lane:
Monks would forgive weeping worshippers at an ancient standing stone in which they had carved a cross.

- already has a weird feeling about it so seems interesting.

***** Gallows bank:
Criminals; petty and serious, would be hung for crimes infront of the whole population of Ludlow. The weird thing it's that they would be hung for the silliest of crimes such as thievery?

- Not too creepy... used to play there as a kid on the actual tree so might have some connection to the place perhaps?

***** The hospital: Was once a workhouse for the poor who were called 'in mates' the conditions depended on the generosity of the local gentry. Not brilliant in most regards.

- dunno about this one but might be that it is still haunted by the old inmates, or, more likely it's going to be haunted by those that have died there more recently ?

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