13 Nov 2013

Spirit Box Sb7 Session 1

I ordered a Spirit box (P SB7) from the USA, unfortunately they don't have them already made over here in England. I've never actually used one before, however I have seen them being used and have always wanted to have a go myself. Therefore I got one!

I had left the box running for about half an hour before I shot the video, this was to give any spirits in the area time to come over, take a look and learn how to use it to speak through.

In my personal opinion, if spirits are deceased people, then it only stands to reason that they would need some time to have a look and a play around with new equipment to see how it works. I know I have to take some time to see how it works, so why should they need some time also?

Anyway, I started the recording and tried listening for voices, I asked a couple of questions during the session and here are my results.

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